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Installation Help

Welcome to the Installation Help Center for the FRAC Harness. Here you'll find detailed instructions for installation and additional information about the FRAC Harness Operation. If you have a question that is not answered here, please use our Contact Page to let us know.

Installation Video

This installation was performed on a 2014 3rd Gen Tundra. The basics of the installation will be the same on all applicable Toyota makes and models. Dash, trim, and grill removal procedures will be slightly different for other Toyota vehicles but there are plenty of "How To" videos for those steps available on YouTube. The minor differences for the year-model specific FRAC Harness kits are documented in the Quick Reference Diagrams and Detailed Installation Manuals linked below.

Additional Information and numerous examples of customer installations can also be viewed on the FRAC Thread at the Tundras.com Forum.

Installation Documents

The Quick Reference Diagrams and Installation Manuals for the FRAC Harness are provided below. They are provided in a PDF format that can be viewed online or downloaded for printing.

2014-2019 Quick Reference Diagram

2014-2019 Installation Manual

2020-2021 Quick Reference Diagram

2020-2021 Installation Manual

Trailer Video Switch module (VSM) Installation Instructions

OEM-Style Camera Switch Installation Manual

VIM OEM-Style Switch Installation Instructions

Q: What Is The VIM Function?

A: For vehicles with OEM GPS systems, the FRAC Harness provides a Vehicle In Motion (VIM) enable feature.  This enables all Head Unit menu functions at all times. View the short video for more details about the VIM Function.

Q: What Front Comera Do You Recommend?

We recommend the Natika Front/Rear Cameras available in the links to the right. They are waterproof, reasonably priced, have a great warranty, and offer great customer service.

Additional FRAC FAQs

Q: Does the FRAC Harness work with Aftermarket Head Units?

A: Yes. Your FRAC Harness is compatible with any aftermarket head unit that utilizes plug-and-play adapters to connect the factory harnesses to the new HU.

Connect the two FRAC Harness connectors to matching truck harnesses and then plug the other end of the two FRAC connectors into the matching plug-and-play adapters for your aftermarket unit. (Make sure to use the correct 30-pin connector for the 30-pin FRAC connections. On the 2020-21 trucks there are two identical 30-pin plugs on the factory HU).

Then connect your front camera video RCA plug into the open front cam RCA connector on your FRAC Harness. Finally, utilize the red Ignition Power lead on the FRAC harness to power your front camera. This will allow you to access your camera displays at anytime by using the FRAC camera switch rather than hunting through multiple levels of menus on the aftermarket Head Unit.


Q: Does the FRAC Harness come with a camera?

A: No. You will need to purchase additional cameras separately. See the links above.


Q: I’m not very technically inclined. How difficult is it to install?

A: I designed the FRAC Harness to be as Plug and Play as possible. If you have basic wiring skills and can remove dash panels, then you should have no problem with this installation. Check the Videos and Forum links listed above to get a better feel for the level of work involved.


Q: Why isn’t there a low-speed “auto-on” feature to detect when I am parking?

A: I believe in the “Keep it Simple” design approach when it comes to product reliability.  I also wanted to keep cost down as much as possible. Complexity (and added cost) comes in to play because there’s no way to determine if the low speed is happening because you are parking, or in stop and go traffic, or if you’re just carefully making your way through the parking lot. An additional switch could be added to turn the auto mode off, but then you’d have to remember to turn it on again when you wanted auto mode and you’re right back to where you started; except now there’s an extra switch in the design to control operation…  So, there is a single cam select switch to provide total control of when the Cam videos are on or off.  Simple, effective, and reliable.


Q: Can I record Video with the FRAC Harness

A: Yes. The FRAC Harness provides an RCA connection for the front camera as well as the OEM rear tail-gate camera. An automotive DVR can be installed in series with the camera RCA connections and the FRAC Harness for recording.


Q: Can I add a third camera with the FRAC Harness?

A: Yes. But you will need to supply the third camera. Additionally, you'll need the FRAC Video Switch Module. See the Installation info above for more details.